Geisha Costa Rica (Rohbohnen)

Geisha Costa Rica (Rohbohnen)
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Herkunft: Finca Licho, Costa Rica Geschmacksprofil: "green apple, yellow plum, apricot, lemon"... mehr
Produktinformationen "Geisha Costa Rica (Rohbohnen)"

Herkunft: Finca Licho, Costa Rica

Geschmacksprofil: "green apple, yellow plum, apricot, lemon"

Aufbereitung: honey

Varietät: Geisha sortenrein

Erntejahr: 2019

Grown by the Aguilera brothers in the province of Naranjo, in the volcanic Northern Cordiles corridor of the Western Valley, this coffee is cultivated at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. Most of their coffee is of the Villa Sarchi variety, but in recent years we've started to see others from the farm, this is the very first year we've ever seen a Geisha from Licho and it's a result of the nursery they started working not all that long ago, oh my I'm so excited to have this coffee!

Processing wise this coffee is yellow honey processed, which is just like the pulped natural method, so the fruit is removed from the seed of the coffee bush and left to dry. The main difference is that there is no water involved when the cherry is removed, so mucilage sticks to the bean. This can be dangerous, but it's necessary in these parts of Costa Rica where water is limited: in this area of Naranjo water is a precious commodity, so this method suits the location very well.

The coffee ends up clustering whilst drying because there is so much mucilage. So the coffee either needs to be turned regularly to stop this happening, or it has to be broken up. Over-fermentation can happen at this stage and you can end up with a not-so-good cup, but the Aguilera brothers are well-versed in this method and are some of the most skilled in Costa Rica.

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